Elena Colombi, GB. Dekmantel Podcast 107 / Feb 2017
ad mixtura.org


Dekmantel: "Elena Colombi likes the weird and wonderful things in music. Her show on NTS proves that, skipping as it does from techno to EBM, post punk to industrial and wave music with an always inquisitive ear. An under-the-radar regular at some choice parties around London for years, she is sure to break out into the wider consciousness in 2017, and we hope that this new podcast from her goes some way to assisting with that, because she is a selector well worth sharing.

Filled with frosted industrial landscapes, muffled drums and plenty of metallic surfaces, ColombiТs mix finds light in darkness and human emotions in abstract sounds. ItТs a fully realized sonic world that could be old, could be new, but is never less than wholly absorbing and uniquely odd".

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