Romans, US. Crack Mix 127 / Nov 2016

Crack Magazine:

Romans is the collaborative alias of Gunnar Haslam and Tin Man.

Having both accrued considerable praise for their solo work- Haslam for his cerebral contributions to L.I.E.S and Delsin, Tin Man for his romantic acid excursions- the duo decided to link up following a chance meeting in at The Bunker in New York. Loosely posited as a machine-music portrayal of their namesakes empire era, the two Romans EPs to date saw them merge their styles into murky but uniquely emotive offerings.

With a full-length LP entitled Valere Aude due out next month on Bunkers in-house label, Romans have eschewed the typical promo mix format an instead constructed a tribute to Finnish techno pioneer Mika Vainio, whose work as Ø and as one half of Pan Sonic can be felt in Valere Audes rumbling acid lines and sparse atmospherics.

Valere Aude is out on December 2 via The Bunker New York

Ø — Atomit
Philus — pH A1
Philus — Kuvio 3
Ø — Kolmas
Ø — Sähkörausku
Philus — Ionit
Ø — Röntgen
Ø — Cesium
Philus — pH B2
Pan Sonic — Lähetys / Transmission
Ø — Näkinkengät / Shells
Ø — Ensimmäinen Valo / First Light
Ø — Talven Henki / Winter Spirit
Mika Vainio — Onko Parts 1-11 [Is It?]
Ø — Hikari
Mika Vainio — Sub-Atlantic
Mika Vainio — Viher [Green/Cellular]
Ø — U-Bahn
Ø — Otava
Philus — Tele-Ctro
Ø — Syvyydessä Kimallus

2016-11-27 / 3:13