Nikolaienko, UA. series | 038 / July 2016



Pavel Milyakov — Mondjazz
Primorje — 12
Nicola Ratti — W6
Andrew Pekler — Replayed (excerpt)
Piero Umiliani — Ballata Metafisica
Stanislav Kreitchi — A Voice Of The East
KWJAZ — Righteous Wane (excerpt)
Tarzana — West African Sagittarius
Cecil Leuter — Pop Electronique N13
Ursula Bogner — Inversion
Cluster — Tristan In Der Bar
Mark Templeton — Extensions (excerpt)
Pavel Milyakov — Audiopfad
Patrick Cowley — Dream 2
Lee Gamble — Flatland
Farben — Eroten Reiten Auf Einen Delphin
Papiro — Estasi Interiore
Savant — The Shining Hour
Farben & James Din A4 — Powerbaum
Patrice Sciortino — Exercices Avec Cerceaux 7
Mads Emil Nielsen — A2 Untitled
Popol Vuh — Ich Mache Einen Spiegel — Dream Part 49
Mica Levi — Lonely Void
Alexander Zatsepin — Diamond Hand OST (excerpt)
Vincent Gallo — Fishing For Some Friends
Unknown Artist — Kamen Sai Yoke
Ennio Morricone — Dal Sogno E Ritorno
Drevneyshiy Muzikalniy Kompleks Iz Kostey Mamonta — Grupovoe Zvuchanie
Henk Badings and Yvonne Georgi — Air
Stanislav Tolkachev — Optical Illusions
Egyptian Sports Network — Necropolis Highlights
Nikolaienko — Gusev Effect

Dmytro Nikolaienko is a Kiev based sound artist and founder of the Muscut label.
In June 2015 he released his new record, The Sounds Of Pseudoscience, on which he has worked for the last five years.

"Only, for all its nods to Parmegiani and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, one cant quite see this album coming out in 1956 — or even 1976. Something about the slightly off kilter rhythms, the loose feel and wheezing sound effects make this very much a post-Dilla take on Raymond Scott and his successors." The Wire

"The album, pitched as "a tribute to early-electronics golden era," takes on a fragmented aesthetic of bleeps, thunks and jolts that secrete the concentrated focus of a fantastical laboratory" Tiny Mix Tapes


2016-07-05 / 18:45