Amelie Duchow, DE. series | 037 / May 2016


Amelie Duchow: "The mixtura mix was inspired by the Russian avantgarde composer Arseny Aavramov. Aavramov has been a pioneer on industrial music in the 1920s, which I would like to catch up with, nearly 100 years later with my tracks composed using sound and field recordings in industrial production complexes".


1. Arseny Aavramov "Sinfonia gudkov", Symphony of factory sirens, 1922
2. Amelie Duchow "Gatelauf"
3. Schnitt "Phil"
4. Schnitt " Quadrat"
5. Amelie Duchow "f=20N | 8T"
6. Schnitt "Dreieck"
7. Schnitt "Schwarzweissstreifen"
8. Schnitt " YKA"
9. Amelie Duchow "Outroform"

voice of Alena Babaseva
photo by Rachele Salvioli

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