bmind, BR. series | 036 / March 2016


Bmind is the mirror of the influences Jaime absorbs every day. By using everyday sounds, organic and synthetic tunes, he builds his music while defragmenting your reality to music.

Ambiences, atmospheres and subtleties, against a deep bass sound makes his signature hypnotic groove.
Open, abstract and intimate, giving stimulus to reflection.

Mixing electronic, organic and live instruments with great compositional freedom, deepening the spirituality of music with delicate form, each performance becomes unique because half of it is always improvise and things happen according to the line artist who lives the experience.

With an aesthetic itself, Jaime prefers to leave the settings aside, while breathing the smell of grass, reaping inspirations in the wind and goes his way.

Bmind works also making tracks for art installations, animations and films which explores more progressive and experimental sounds.

photo by Martin Avaro

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