Gea Brown, IT. series | 035 / March 2016



John Cage & David Tudor, Indeterminacy (1959)
Akos Rozmann, Dorr med tarar (1988-89)
Robert Schwarz, Mabalel (2015)
Anna Homler & Steve Moshier, Oo Nu Dah (1985-2015)
Tiefschwarz, Babel — Reboot Remix (2010)
Alessandro Bosetti, Life Expectations (2010)
Amanda Stewart, Residue (1998)
Conrad Schnitzler, Black Nails (1978)
Rrose, Lashes (2012)
Joan La Barbara, Vocal Extensions (1975)
Red Stars Over Tokyo, The Nearest Distance between Two Atoms (2010)
Anna Homler & Steve Moshier, Sirens (1989-2015)
Charles Cohen, The Boy and the Snake Dance (2015)
Joan La Barbara & Kenneth Goldsmith, 73 Poems (2-3-4-5-8-61-63-64-66) (1994)
Suzanne Ciani, Princess with Orange Feet (1969-85)
Laurie Spiegel, Pentachrome (1980)
Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux, Studies BI-II (2015)
Alessandro Bosetti, Stand Up Comedy (2010)
Craig Leon, Three Small Coins (1982)
Theo Burt, Gloss Games (2010-2015)
Holly Herndon, Solo Voice (2013)
Amanda Stewart, 'mt' (1998)

photo by Simone Ridi

With a background in art history, Gea Brown approaches to Djing by researching different musical currents in a constant intersection of history and present.

In her sets pioneering electronic music and the American minimalism of the 60's get in dialog with the sonorities of the recent electronic and electroacustic music. She reveals an eclectic approach by picking up also on ethno music, noise and tribalism, with a strong interest for the vocal element coming from spoken word and sound poetry.

Her last projects are focused on voice in spoken language and try to find a balance between narrative and sound, semantic field and music, into the mixtape format.

Since 2010 Gea Brown has been part of the duo Alpin Folks which is carrying on with an audiovisual project marked by the union of drone and techno music.

She regulrary collaborates with Sync, a platform for audio and visual artists based in Florence and Pistoia. She has edited performance soundtracks by artists, dancers and designers, working with several institutions and spaces related to contemporary culture, such as IUAV, Spazio O', Sincronie, TAI — Tuscan Art Industry, NUL.

Her dj set have been shown in contemporary art centers (Museo Marino Marini, Triennale di Milano, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Palazzo Strozzi, Villa Romana), experimental music festival (International Feel, S/V/N, Terraforma) and web radio (Radio Papesse, Datscha Radio, FSK,

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