Andrea De Witt, IT. series | 034 / February 2016




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05:50 September '10 AZ
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Photo | Maurizio Fani


Andrea De Witt starts his musical activity in the early 90Тies as a bassist in several bands. In 1995 he launches together with Tiziano Gualcherani the techno noise project Pattern Clear; starting at the same time the collaboration with the independent label Suite inc. In 1998 he gets involved in the realisation of the debut album of Technophonic Chamber Orchestra "Beats and Movements" and as bassist he becomes part of the live set from the 4-D Killer both artistic projects belonging to the Suite inc. label. In 2001 Andrea De Witt creates the electronic music project Spin Boldak which focuses on the combination of fragmented rythms and geometric deep sound. Spin Boldak releases the track "Bastos" on the Suiteque label compilation "Suitable #3 The Downbeatniks " . Parallel to Spin Boldak Andrea intensifies the collaboration with Technophonic Chamber Orchestra, getting in the line up of this artistic collaboration and participating in 2004 on the album "nemoretum sonata" and its following promotion tour. For the installation "Respiri" from Francesco Arena Andrea composes in 2006 the track " %2". In 2007 Andrea starts the new project Clizia and in 2011 releases his debut EP " Kombinat " (sc-003) for the label Sync. Sonorous expansions, no beat and piano recordings stand for his style.

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