Anduin, US. Blackened Disco 34 / 2015-12-03



Five Stories Two Faces (Anduin — unreleased)
Content of a Black Box (Anduin — Abandoned in Sleep)
The Number Twenty Seven (Anduin — XXVII)
A Great Canopy of Smoke (Anduin — Stolen Years)
Last Days of Montrose House (Anduin — Last Days of Montrose House)
Live at Reference Gallery (Anduin — XXVII)
Our Future is a Debt (Anduin — Abandoned in Sleep)
ЕWhere a Star Once Was. (Anduin + Jasper TX — The Bending of Light)
Bump in the Night (Anduin — unreleased)
Lesser Death (Anduin — Richmond Tape Club)
Wooden Kimono (Anduin — Richmond Tape Club)
Behind the VoyeurТs Wall of Glass (Anduin — Stolen Years)
Unmade Remade (Anduin — unreleased)
The Equal of God (Anduin — Abandoned in Sleep)
Untitled (JND (Anduin + Elian) — unreleased)
For Francis Bacon (Anduin — Forever Waiting)
Untitled (JND (Anduin + Elian) — unreleased)

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