Black Fanfare 

Demetrio Castellucci was born in 1989 in Cesena, Italy. From 2004 to 2008 he composed the music for the dances created by Stoa, a school of movement and philosophical thought based in his hometown. The experience led to Castellucci’s in-depth research on the dialogue between choreographic gesture and sound, and to the release of his first album, Stoa. The project Icon Icon (2005), on electronic pop music, brought Castellucci’s compositions closer to melody. In 2007, Castellucci began a solo experimental electronic project named Black Fanfare. Among other venues, Black Fanfare has played at the Festival Dissonanze Roma 2010 and at the WombClub in Tokyo, and was invited to collaborate in performances at Careof Gallery in Milan and Galleria Civica di Trento, and in short animation films. In 2007, Castellucci continued his research into the relationship between music and choreographic movement by composing original works for the performances of Dewey Dell, a company he co-founded with his sisters Agata and Teodora, and Eugenio Resta. Demetrio is currently living in Vilnius.