Sillyconductor presents Pianosaurus 

Sound designer, field recordist and sonic speed addict based in Bucharest, Sillyconductor focuses on exaggerating classical music devices and techniques. He has written music for mute films, animations, fashion shows and dance performances and created sound installations/objects. Among other things, he forced 100 maneki≠neko cats to emulate Ligetiís metronome extravaganza, helped build a software that generates 60 soundtracks per second, played USB fans through guitar pedals, adapted urban folklore to microtonal pianos and conducted an earthquake.

Pianosaurus (Pianodisastrous) is a poli≠instrumental installation which investigates the possibility of preparing an instrument or an infinite number of instruments (in this case, four pianos) through extensive pre≠programming.

Built in order to explore how pianos sound when freed from their physical or mechanical restraints in producing each note, Pianosaurus creates gesture shortcuts favouring the fastest and easiest ways to manipulate volume, length, timbre, tonality, speed and octave of a sound, changing instantaneously through different tonal modes or elaborating new ones on the fly. Inspired by early mechanical instruments such as the Alnico Bosendorfer Imperial piano of Conlon Nancarrow, the Ocular Harpsichord of Louis Bertrand Castel or the Orchestrion, Pianosaurus is a turbofied virtual piano capable of accelerating from 20 bpm to 999 in less than 0.3 seconds.